It’s nearing the end of the decade 2010 – 2019

What a decade it has been. I’ve moved jobs 5 times, I’ve moved states, I’ve gained a life companion, I’ve met some amazing people, I’ve travelled to some amazing places and done some interesting things.

The beginning of this decade was in Marrickville, NSW, the end of this decade see’s me in Perth, Western Australia. I’ve grown older in the mean time, have had some life experiences which have shaped and influenced my future life choices. My mental health has taken a battering, but through it all, I’m still here. (Which is a good thing)

The biggest part which can not be changed is my family. This is a photo of us at the beginning of the decade, my Mum, Brother and myself. At the end of the decade, my brother and I no longer talk, and my mother’s mind has been decimated through dementia. While her body is still with us, her mind will forever be lost in her own world.

VLUU L100, M100 / Samsung L100, M100

I think for me this decade, that moving to the East Kimberley provided me with the opportunity to learn new skills, learn how to make friends, converse with people and positively contribute to my community. It was here that I had to rebuild who I am. I can only hop that I’ve turned out stronger and wiser, but sometimes I doubt it.

However, there is one major change which has been the most positive, and thats the inclusion of Miss Bindi in my life. Shes provided me with companionship, laughter, sadness and most of all love.

As this decade is coming to an end, I can only hope the next decade provides less adventures but more fulfilment of life and happyness.

Week ???

Lots have happened since I last updated this blog.


Work has been hectic, I think I averaged 12 work trips to the East Coast during the first half of the 2019/2020 financial year. While this was down on last year’s trips, still the work was intensive and rewarding. The last 6 weeks, however were the most time intensive and challenging. Every family you meet, or come into contact with, is different in their own way. They have their unique circumstances as to why you’ve come into their lives and what I have found in my time working with them, is that they will listen to you when you empower them to make positive decisions about their family. One thing that was reinforced to me during this time, is that families don’t give up. Even when they feel the odds are against them, and it’s like they are swimming up stream. They just don’t give up. They continue to challenge, question, advocate. that speaks to the tenacity of dis-empowered people who find their voice and use it.


Life has been crazy hectic. Not only with the travel, but, along the way, lessons have been learnt about the true nature of peoples perceptions, and how they impact on friendships. I’ve also learnt that Bindi and I need to get out more and see new things. But the biggest thing I’ve learnt is that I’ve really missed my family and need to start making plans to either connected with them more often or move home.