2 months…

I’ve rarely left my house in the last 2 months. Mostly due to restrictions and being told to self isolate. The place I have had an opportunity to go to is my local shopping centre. The place is just a shadow of it’s former self. The community spirit that is usually abundant, is not there. No older gentlemen sitting at the cafe, drinking coffee, talking. No elderly people with their carers having a coffee/tea and cake, no kids at the food court with their parents shouting or eating with each other. Nothing like that…it feels different. We go shopping, we are more mindful of others in our personal space, we apologise for being to close. But this is now the new norm.

I have started my new job, which has been great. However, we are not in the office, we are working from home. I have only met 4 people from my office in person, 3 I met prior to starting my job, and my manager, when she came over to visit me, we sat outside and worked. I am really looking forward to meeting my colleagues face to face, in our office, and just enjoying the experience of working with other people.

I know one thing though, there is one creature who is not going to cope with the fact that I will be heading into the office, and that is my dog. I think most people’s animals are not going to cope with the sudden disappearance of their owners…but, this is another thing we will take in our stride.