Lets start again….

2019 is approaching, with it, comes a new perspective and new outlook on things. So I’ve decided to step up and re-commence this blog.

2018 was a big year, my business moved forward, with some bumps along the way. Family life was disrupted and bridges were dismantled, but some were rebuilt. Personal life also moved forward, I became an aunt and I realised that life can be more, if I want it.

in 2019, Deadly Bloggers is having a 12 months blogging challenge, which I intend to participate in. I will also share my work journey, as I travel to Sydney and beyond, sharing my pictures of my travels and hopes for the future of my people.

I’m going to leave this photo, it’s one I took in Kununurra, the place where my soul is at peace. It’s of a big, old boab tree..its located 20kms on the Wyndham side of Kununurra, and when you drive along the Victoria Highway, you know that home isn’t that far away.

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