Week 3 – How I spend my money…

How I spend my money…well..when I was younger, I didn’t have a sense of responsibility and money management. I used to see something, and go, “I want that” and purchase it. Nowdays, I’m a self employed person, with bills to pay, rent to pay (No, I don’t get a free house!) and a high needs 3 legged dog to care for.

However, having said that, I do have some things I like to splurge on. These things make me happy, sometimes I collect too many of these things and then I have to stop, but, I can treat myself every now and again 🙂

Books: I love books, and I love different authors, so I do buy books. I don’t read as much as I used to, but I’m hoping to change that in 2019. I buy books new, or from second hand shops, or on FB Marketplace. Books give you that sense of enjoyment and adventure without ever having to leave the confines of your life. I’ve solved murders, I’ve been on magical adventures, I’ve learnt spells and used magic, I’ve been the President of the USA, I’ve entered magical realms, I’ve explored the universe and gone to new worlds and explored new civilisations, I’ve been a cowboy/cowgirl and I’ve been a fighter in the resistance v the empire (Amongst other things).

Kitchen appliances: I love kitchen appliances, be it a blender, grater, mixer, slow cooker, etc. I just love them. Do I have the kitchen space to have them all in, nope. But I love going to Kitchen shops and I love looking at all the new appliances and wishing I can use them, or dreaming of how I can use them, but in reality knowing that it will never happen. I have a pasta making machine, for when I was going to make home made pasta, still hasn’t happened. Will I ever make pasta? I have hope. I do have on my list of things to acquire: Thermomix, KitchenAid and breadmaker.

Tupperware: It’s a deep, dark hole to crawl down but once you’re there, you have to keep going. Tupperware is my vice. I just love the stuff. I might not use all the products I purchase, but the fact that they are in my cupboards makes me feel good. I think at the moment the only Tupperware products I use on a daily basis are my 1lt water bottles. But, I might use those mellon ballers to make an awesome looking fruit salad…one day…

Make up: I love make up. Just love it. I love foundations (I use a full coverage one in Perth, but when in the East Kimberley, I use a low-medium coverage) I love beauty blenders, I love different eye shadows, I love powders, I love setting sprays, I love blush and bronzers, I love make up brushes. Due to having dark, sensitive skin, I can only use select products on my skin. So I test them out, see if they react and if they don’t consider a purchase. My foundations are from Mac, Napoleon Perdis and Urban Decay. I did get a Maybelline one, but that was because I ran out of the Mac. Eyeshadows are from Napoleon Perdis and Urban Decay. Bronzers/blush from Benefit and Mac. Powers from Mac. I love going to see what Mecca Maxima has in stock, as well as Sephora, Mac and Napoleon Perdis has. But alas, I have a budget so I can’t spend like I would like to.