What a Year!!!

Deadly Bloggers – Week 1 Challenge

2018 – What a year!

2018 – what a year you have been. While you haven’t been as challenging and trying as other years, you did your best to test me, but I rose to that challenge and once again, managed to come out the victor. While I can’t name every single awesome thing that has happened to me, I can name some that have made my life happier and given me some purpose. I became an Aunt to the most gorgeous little girl, I mended bridges with some family (who I have missed very much throughout the years), I travelled throughout NSW for work and had the privilege to work with some amazing families, had johnny cakes and chops by the river in Bourke (and I’d do it again cos it was awesome), and was inspired at the NAIDOC Womens Conference being surrounded by amazing women who are focused on working on positive outcomes for our people. Though there were the good times, there were the sad times, where decisions had to be made to again cut people out of my life because of their toxicity and negativity – and I don’t regret those decisions. Heartbreaking times, where I had to say farewell to an Uncle and two cousins. It’s never easy to say farewell to family, especially the day before Christmas, but our little family supported each other and we gave Cuzzo a special farewell.

As for 2019, well, I don’t know what that will entail, or what kind of adventures that I will be going on, but I can say, I’ve survived some pretty hectic years, and while with some I’ve barely managed to escape alive, I still made it, and I will meet 2019 with an open mind and be open to learning more, growing and making more big decisions.

So friends, family, I take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy New Year, and hope that 2019 is a year of strength, determination and achievement.

lots of love
Lisa and Bindi..

Workwise in January: This was the first work trip to Dubbo for the year. Plane was on time this time, but I lost my friends car in the carpark at the airport. Don’t believe people when they say all white cars don’t look the same, they do! (Work KMs (exc Perth) 800kms)

Workwise in February: Second trip back to Dubbo for the year, and first trip to Bourke/Brewarrina. Work KMs 1733kms

Workwise in March: third trip to Dubbo to head to Walgett and return (1341kms). Sydney to Melbourne, Echca and return (2102kms). Sydney to Woodford, via Brisbane and Caboolture return (2012kms). Sydney to Bourke, via Dubbo and return (1544kms) making this the fourth trip to Dubbo. (btw: I hate Dubbo!)

Workwise in April & May: Second trip to Melbourne, then up to Sydney which then ran into May (1756kms), and it was a 4 week trip east. From Sydney I went to Dubbo (fourth time) then back to Bourke & Brewarrina (1722kms), then to Albury (1107kms), and then back to Dubbo (fifth time) to head to Lightning Ridge and Goodooga, then return to Sydney (1635kms).

Workwise in June: was a quick trip to Grafton – in the freezing cold!! (1222kms)

July was NAIDOC Week and didn’t go anywhere

Workwise in August: sixth trip to Dubbo, to go back to Bourke and Brewarrina (1722kms). Then to the Gold Coast to head to Murwillumbah then back to Brisbane and to Sydney (1917kms)

Workwise in September: Sydney to the Hunter Valley and return (355km)

Workwise in October: (in total, it was almost 10,000kms due to going from Perth to Bathurst, and then the other places) but work wise, it was Sydney to Coraki via Ballina, then Goonellabah via Lismore, then Sydney via the Gold Coast (1685kms)

Workwise in November: Sydney to Nowra and return (330kms)

Workwise in December: Sydney to Cowra via Bathurst and return (619kms) Sydney via Cowra via Orange and return (660km)

In total, without calculating the trips from Perth to Sydney, I have travelled 24,262kms this year for work. If I was to add the Perth leg, then that would add an extra 78,200 kms to the trip which then totals: 102,462kms in 2018.